Mousse de Maracujà or Passion fruit Mousse

I can’t believe we are already in June!  Three weeks left before school ends and everybody flies home..well not exactly everybody.  Most hubbies will have to return earlier to hold the fort while others rejoice somewhere in this beautiful world!

Well, before I leave for summer I wanted to organise a party, more precisely a tapas evening.  I have loads of Spanish cheese and chorizo and with the temperatures being really enjoyable at night, I thought it would be a great idea to organise a last get together around some finger nibbles and wine.  In my quest for tapas desserts (I cannot imagine having different tapas and then ONE dessert) I thought of making one of Angola’s traditional desserts which is Mousse de Maracujà (Passion fruit Mousse). It’s very easy and quick to make and only requires THREE ingredients! 

Cream, maracujà (or passion fruit) and condensed milk! That’s all she wrote! Some recipes call for gelatin but I’ve learnt to make it without. Honestly, there’s no need as the maracujà pulp acts like gelatin. When you add it to the cream you’ll notice the mixture come together.  Traditionally, for 3×200 ml cartons of cream, you need 8-10 maracujà and 1 can of condensed milk.  Now, I find that really too sweet, so I’ve reduced to 1/2 a can of condensed milk and it works just fine.

Today, I only used 2 Tbsp for  200 ml of cream and 1/4 cup of passion fruit pulp.

The first thing you need the passion fruit pulp. They are in full season here so that wasn’t difficult but if you cannot get hold of fresh maracujà certain brands make really nice canned pulp. I use a little sieve and with a spoon, I try to extract as much juice as possible. A few seeds won’t matter but too many might making eating this mousse more difficult and it wouldn’t have that smooth texture anymore. You can, however, collect some of the seeds for decoration.

Once you’ve got your pulp or juice, all you need to do is whisk your cold cream until it thickens. I use single cream and it works just well. You fold in  the condensed  milk and finally add the pulp. Mix well and that’s it! Couldn’t be any simpler!

Put it in the fridge pour 3-4 hours, more is always better and when ready to serve decorate with seeds or with half a fresh passion fruit. The mousse is light, smells and tastes wonderfully tropical! Nothing compared to the fragrance of fresh passion fruit! It reminds of childhood, sweets, Tang, bubble gum, truly an unforgettable taste! Served in little verrines, it is just the right amount of sweetness. I am not sure what the other desserts will be but if you have any ideas, fire away, please!

Mousse de Maracujà

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1 can of condensed milk (see notes above)
  • 3 X 200 ml cold cream cartons
  • 8-10 medium passion fruit
  • Orange food colouring (optional)


  1. Using a sieve, collect as much juice as possible from the passion fruit
  2. In a bowl using an electric beater or by hand, beat  the cream for 2 to 3 minutes until it thickens.
  3. Fold in the condensed milk.
  4. Add the passion fruit pulp and mix well to incorporate.
  5. transfer to serving bowl, cover and put in the fridge to set for a 3-4 hours, preferably overnight.

Bon appétit!

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