Galettes de Courgettes aux Herbes

Depuis le temps que je voulais écrire un post en français! Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Pour mon tout premier post, je voulais faire une recette ultra facile et rapide à preparer. Parfaites pour une petite fringale, elles s’accompagnent bien d’une petite saldade. Quand j’ai le temps, je prépare une petite sauce au yaourt mais elles se marient bien aussi avec un petit chutney. A vous de voir!.

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Tunisian Tajine or North African frittata

Tunisian Tajine

I can just hear you saying ‘What? That doesn’t look like a tajine at all’. Exactly my reaction when I was first introduced to this Tunisian dish.   Well it is a tajine! But I agree that it really looks like a frittata or a spanish tortilla! Tajine originally from North africa refers to the dish which is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Everyone knows the Moroccan version which is a stew over low heat for a long time and usually includes sweet and savoury tastes.  This Tunisian version is a lot faster to make and is just as tasty.   Lire la suite “Tunisian Tajine or North African frittata”

Carrot Cake


One of my all-time favourites! The first time I heard of carrot cake was through a Canadian friend of my mum. I was 17 at the time, newly arrived in Switzerland from Niger where I had spent most of my life. For me, it was just inconceivable to have a cake made of carrots. What an idea! It was bad enough to have them in salads or as a side dish, but how could people want to eat a cake made of carrots? Lire la suite “Carrot Cake”

Upside Down Banana Cake

Upside-down Banana Cake

Happy New Year

Wishing you health, happiness and all the best in 2018! No resolutions for me this year, still trying to carry out those I promised myself last year! I know better now not get carried away 😉 Anyway, 2018 is going to be another great year with its load of adventures and challenges but I’m ready.

While everyone is detoxing, not that I don’t need it,  I just felt like baking something easy and heart-warming. This cake is just it! A classic, usually done with pineapple, revisited here with potassium loaded bananas. Lire la suite “Upside Down Banana Cake”