Namibe Desert Day Trip

After a couple of days of beach bumming, we were getting restless and decided to go on a desert day trip organised by the Lodge.  Although it did involve a lot of driving, for the most part on bumpy tracks, it was very interesting. It’s an area that is very geologically rich with many different types of rock formations. At times, you wonder where you are. The presence of   canyons everywhere reminds you that once water was abundant  but now all there is sand, rocks and blue, blue sky!

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After a very, VERY bumpy ride  (23 km to be precise) down the mouth of the dry Rio de los  Flamingos, you arrive at  Flamingo Lodge!

Flamingo Lodge, Namibe
Flamingo Lodge, Namibe

Situated on the beach, against low cliffs, the view of these little bungalows was just amazing and frightening at the same time. Nine little bungalows in the middle of nowhere with nothing, absolutely nothing around, just sand, sea and more sand! No mobile network, no internet and no electricity, apart from a generator than runs during certain hours, it was pretty hard on the girls at first.  On the other hand we had kilometres and kilometres of beautiful pristine beach just for us! It was really magic!

For those wondering how you can survive without internet and all these electronic gadgets, well let me tell you that it is possible. You walk, you swim, you fish, you read, you crochet, you play games, you build sand castles, you rest and more importantly you DISCONNECT!

The house at the end of the beach
The house with a view