Luscious, Goan inspired Coriander Pesto

Coriander pestoCoriander or cilantro, whatever your name: I LOVE YOU! Seriously I cannot conceive cooking without coriander.  It’s one of the those herbs you either love or hate. I think there is a reason why I love Indian and North African food so much: there is always coriander! I’ve mentioned before how much my family loves pesto. Well, in this recipe I try to  satisfy both, our love for pesto and coriander. Continue reading “Luscious, Goan inspired Coriander Pesto”

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto


Living in remote countries teaches you many things about your ability to cope without certain products. You have a choice of either learning to live without or …making your own! I usually choose the later when it’s possible.

My family simply loves pesto. My youngest daughter could

eat it everyday if she  had her way. The prime choice is obviously on pasta but they also love it in rice or potato salad, wraps, sandwiches, scrambled eggs … When we first arrived to Angola, it was a relief to find nice jars of Italian pesto but very quickly the stock started decreasing until there was none. Shipments are very random and sometimes you never see a product once it’s sold out. Luckily there are many fresh herbs available in most supermarkets, so no excuse not to make your own. Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper Pesto”