Lobito – Lubango – Namibe: The Scenic Route

The drive from Lobito to Namibe is magic. Within six hours, you go from sea to mountain to sea, but this time in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rocks and dunes.

On the way, a quick stop in Benguela:

Lubango, capital of the Province of Huila, is situated at 1700m above sea level and is surrounded by mountains.  The rain and the fresh climate make it an agriculturally rich Province where everything grows.  Driving through Lubango you wonder where you are because you could easily be in South Africa or even Switzerland!

To makes things even more awkward, we stopped at Le Chalet an authentic little Swiss chalet built in the hills around the city centre where you can indulge in homemade yoghurt and light snacks made with their homemade cheese.  And for those feeling homesick and who thought that they’d have to wait to go back to Europe to eat a fondue or a raclette, no worries, Le Chalet sells really nice raclette cheese, as well as the raclette and fondue set!

How cool is that?

A little taste of Switzerland in Angola
A little taste of Switzerland in Angola

After a nice “cheesy” lunch it was time to hit the road and finally see what I had been dreaming of all this time: La Serra da Leba.

Long before setting foot in Angola as I was googling information about my new country, my attention was caught by this magical windy road in the middle of vast, lush greenery.  It looked spectacular in pictures but in reality it was pretty mind blowing.  What makes it even more spectacular is that this road is a clear separation between the green, fertile high plateaux of Lubango and the dry landscapes of the Namibe plains.

You need to see it to believe it, but in less than two hours you go from cold, rainy, green climate to dry, hot desert!

The spectacular Serra da Leba 

serra da leba