A wandering foodie in Angola

Hello, bonjour, bom dia!

My name is Suad. I love to travel and it just so happens that I am also a “desperate” expat wife!  I’m currently living in Luanda, Angola with my husband and two daughters.

When people find out you’re moving to Angola, assuming they know where it is, they have very predictable reactions.  Either they pat you on the shoulder and tell you “aargh! don’t worry, you’ll be back home before you know it” or they shout in horror “what on earth are you going there for?”  Well, like all other expatriation, we came here for professional reasons.

We’ve been lucky to move around and live in different countries and continents: Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Madagascar, South Africa, Benin, Dubai, The Netherlands, France. Sometimes you move with excitement, other times you’re more reluctant.  Angola was one of those moves. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s to always make the best and the most of any situation.

There is always something positive: meet new people, learn a new language, discover new cultures, new recipes, seek hidden treasures, study, try out a new hobby, etc… And that’s exactly what I want to share throught this blog: give you a glimpse of real life experiences in different regions of the world, starting with ANGOLA! No time to get bored, no time to feel homesick.

Life is what you make it” Eleanor Roosevelt

Bem vindo :)!!!

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